Feel like your core is super weak and your Booty disappeared?
3 Steps to Get a Stronger Core & Better Booty After Baby

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Here's what you'll learn:

:: The Truth About "Mom Butt"

(and why so many moms lose their booty after baby. Plus, the key reason you need a bootylicious booty. Yes. Having a better booty is important and it's not just about filling out your favourite jeans)

:: The Subtle Shifts That Matter

(why how you sit, stand and move during pregnancy and postpartum can make your core weak and your booty disappear)

:: Why You Can't Just Do a Bunch of Core & Booty Building Workouts

(and how there are actually 3 key steps you need to follow to get a stronger core and better booty)

:: The Most Effective Strategies You Need to Get Stronger & Feel Better

(without needing a fancy gym, expensive equipment, or hours of free time. Let's be honest. You're a busy mom. "Free time" is not in your vocabulary)



You had a baby - at any point - and you want to know how to get a stronger core and better booty.

You're sick of doing random workouts here and there and not getting the results you want. You're ready to commit and ready to get stronger.

You're not interested in a quick fix. You know that real results take time and you're ready to make it happen.

You want to have more energy and feel more confident and capable in your body by using quick, proven, postpartum-friendly workouts that work.

Jenna’s approach to health and fitness is so gentle, refreshing and positive. It focuses on making you feel strong, competent, and happy.”
With Certified Postpartum Athleticism Coach & Mom of Two Jenna Dalton

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